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Who we are / What we do

Thundercat Sports is a local organization that runs summer camps, after school programs, weekend clinics, birthday parties, and more. We run unique, skill based sport programs focusing exclusively on our target age group (kids 2 – 12 years old).  Thundercat Sports started as “Wildcat Sports” with our first programs being run in Sudbury, MA.  Management at Thundercat Sports has experience running programs for tens of thousands of kids and understands how to put together a top-flight youth sport program.


Learning sports skills and having FUN do not have to be mutually exclusive!  Our teaching techniques maximize learning and fun while keeping kids very active.  We aim to teach fundamental skills through active learning and participation, stress teamwork and sportsmanship, and strive to create an atmosphere that will enrich each child’s sports experience.  We achieve this by providing an exciting curriculum, enthusiastic well trained instructors, and maintaining an appropriate level of competition.  While teaching and having fun are important, creating a SAFE and welcoming environment is the foundation that we build upon.